Event "Magnetic resonance imaging: from basic principles to quality assurance"

The Radiotherapy Initiative Group of the Baltic Medical Physics Societies is organising a joint event "Children's Clinical University Hospital and Baltic Medical Physics Societies joint workshop on MR imaging - "Magnetic resonance imaging: from basic principles to quality assurance"" in August.
The event is planned in 4 parts - 3 online lectures and 1 face-to-face session at the Children's Clinical University Hospital.

In November 2023, LMIFB has started the project Development of Latvian Diagnostic Reference Levels in Radiography and Computed Tomography for Paediatrics and Nuclear Medicine (project registration No 1-08/81/2023)


Project implementation time – 30.09.2024.

Project Cooperation Authority - State Environmental Service

Project description:

In order to keep patient doses from diagnostic examinations as low as possible, each healthcare facility needs to carry out regular dose analyses and compare patient doses with reference levels. Currently, reference levels in diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine have been partially developed in Latvia. These reference levels are available in Cabinet Regulation No 482 "Regulations on protection against ionising radiation in medical exposure" and in Radiation Safety Centre Guideline No 6 "Reference diagnostic levels for radiological procedures". The existing reference levels are not available for all standard procedures, in particular for paediatric patients and nuclear medicine examinations, and regular updating of the reference levels is necessary, as new technologies and new types of examinations are continuously being introduced into clinical practice, so that the existing reference levels need to be regularly reviewed to ensure that they are in line with current clinical practice and that healthcare facilities have reference levels against which to compare the radiation doses received by patients.

The aim of the project is to develop national benchmarks in radiography and computed tomography for paediatric patients and in diagnostic nuclear medicine for all patients. To produce a summary of patient doses received in 2023 for paediatric radiography and computed tomography and patient doses (MBq) received in diagnostic nuclear medicine and to update the National Environmental Service Radiation Safety Centre Guideline No 6 "Diagnostic reference levels for radiological procedures" to include the new reference levels.

16th International Conference & Workshop “Medical Physics in the Baltic States 2023”

The 16th International Conference and Workshop "Medical Physics in the Baltic States 2023" will take place from 9 to 11 November at Kaunas University of Technology.

Conference topics cover scientific and clinical aspects of medical physics.
The mission of the Conference is to consolidate the efforts of engineers, physicians and scientists working in hospitals, clinics, research and educational institutions and companies from different countries for solving health care problems related with radiation therapy, diagnostic, imaging, medical and technological information, and radiation protection.

For more information: http://medphys.lt/medphys2023/index.php

Explore the profession of medical physical engineers

The "Profesiju pasaule" website provides an overview of the profession of Medical Physical Engineer (Medical Device Engineer). The article describes in detail the duties, working conditions, occupation, job and career prospects, character traits, skills and competences needed to do the job well, and includes recommendations from the work experience of those in the profession.

Profesiju pasaules description of the profession of medical physical engineers: https://www.profesijupasaule.lv/medicinas-fizikalo-tehnologiju-inzenieris

Information prepared in collaboration with Artūras Grigorjevs, medical physicist and engineer, Latvian Society of Medical Engineering and Physics, and Anda Tomiņš, engineer and service manager, Medical Physical Technology, Medical Equipment Maintenance Service, Children's Clinical University Hospital.